My Story

I am Mr. Williams (a.k.a) Bassador. I am from North Philadelphia, Richard Allen Projects to be exact. My music content is based on my life experiences and actual visions that I have saw and lived over the years. This is real talk music, no fabrication in my songs. My music is an escape for me to release all the pain sweat and tears that I shed living in the housing projects I grew up in as well as surfacing the Philadelphia area. I am currently working on a new album and I promise to deliver on this up coming project. I have some new free-style music on my youtube page and more to come as I get everyone ready for this next album. "First they love me then they hate me" Quoted by one of my internet fans. He really bang with that song.

I grew up hard in Richard Allen. It was, you was the strong or weak growing up as a youth. either you got a pass for being tuff or you got pushed around. I had to learn real fast or get ran over. By my teenage years, I was in rare form ready for what ever and that's when I started to get a quick view of the fast life in the fast lane. this is where all my musical content is inspired from. The difference between me and most others is that my story is based on truth. I remember my first live show!. We had the whole hood there. Me and my boys performed so hard that we cracked the stage that was put together for the performance. Its very memorable because although the stage got cracked, it stop the show. We kept on rockin.

Right now I am refocusing on my music in order to give my fans one of the best albums they ever heard from me. My goal is to get better with my content and structure in order to please the ears of my fans. New album on the approach, so if you don't have bassador music or you do have bassador music, start pumping it in your speakers so you can have a refreshing idea of what's next to come. Listen to my music if you on my page. dissect it and appreciate it. Join my mailing list to get free music and know what's coming